CL-877A Outdoor Solar Wall Mounted Motion Detection Light


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Product details:

Solar Monitoring Lamp,With built-in battery.

  • Remote control
  • Solar charging
  • Human induction I. E human body sensing
  • Multi angle adjustment.

It has 3 modes :Mode 1: human body sensing mode (the light is on when a person passes by, and it is off 15 seconds after the person leaves)
Mode 2: human body induction + light mode (the light will be on when people pass by, and the light will be on again 15 seconds after people leave)
Mode 3: low light mode.


Key Features:

  • Intelligent induction
  • Solar panel charging
  • Water proof & durable
  • Energy saving, environmental protection, easy to install
  • LED solar lights that provide extra brightness & more visible area at an ultra wide illumination angle
  • Equipped with a precise temperature sensor.
  • Heat resistant & can withstand several weather conditions

Therefore, solar lamp is suitable for outdoor use of balcony, terrace, stairs, garden, external wall, courtyard, path, swimming pool & lawn.

What’s In The Box:

  1. 1-Solar lamp
  2. Holder that is adjustable
  3. Remote control
  4. Screws
  5. Antennae
  6. Solar wall lamp manual


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